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The emailanywhere story

emailanywhere and its parent companies have been proudly serving customers with internet solutions for over 10 years.  We have been keeping our eye on the right time to start offering hosted exchange solutions via Software as a Service (SasS) and cloud software.

In mid 2007 we invested in installing Microsoft Exchange 2007 as a hosted solution. We got the enterprise equipment, hired one of the few Australian hosted exchange installation experts and went about trialling the product. After months of trials we simply did not feel that Microsoft Exchange was SasS ready. In our opinion, It was a corporate product patched to try and fit into a SaaS environment. We were extremely disappointed with the product in a SasS environment and went on the hunt for a better solution to bring our valued customers.

We tested a few products and fell in love with Zimbra, the leader in next-generation messaging and collaboration. Zimbra was easy to install and manage, best of all it was built with SaaS in mind. Zimbra has most of the features of Microsoft Exchange plus a huge host of extra features. More features are added on a monthly basis which we found to be another huge advantage.

Zimbra PartnerIn late 2007, emailanywhere became a Zimbra Hosting partner in the Asia Pacific region and we have not looked back since. We have gone from version 4.5 to version 5 which had a whole host of new features and we are looking forward to the new version 6 coming out mid 2009 which will have even more amazing features. 

Zimbra is going from strength to strength with now over 40 million paid mailboxes sold around the world.