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I have my own training company and travel extensively throughout the world. I also am a professional public speaker which requires me to be in contact with many of my clients and speaking bureaus. Because of my constant travelling I have always found it time consuming and cumbersome having to constantly update and synchronise my emails, calendars and contacts on my mobile, desktop and laptop computers, until now.

Two months ago I was introduced to emailanywhere and it's absolutely brilliant. I can now be anywhere in the world and still be in contact, update and synchronise all my outlook contacts, emails and calendars easily and seamlessly. The beauty of emailanywhere is that I don't even need my laptop to stay in touch. I simply log on to emailanywhere Web Client from any computer in the world that has access to the internet.

Once logged on I can read and/or send my emails, schedule appointments and have access to my contacts list or even add or delete contacts and the next time I turn on my lap top hey presto everything is synchronised! Better still I can make changes on my mobile and the exchange server updates everything for me automatically the next time I turn on my laptop or desktop. Now I dont have to delete emails three times because email anywhere does it all for me so Im constantly up to date. No more missed appointments, emails or having to constantly update different calendars.

I was in Hong Kong recently and left my mobile telephone at home with all my important appointments, calendars and contacts. No problem. I simply logged on to my emailanywhere account from another computer and had access to my contact list and calendar. Emailanywhere is excellent value for money and has saved me several times already. For anyone who wants to keep in touch or stay organised and synchronised emailanywhere is the answer. Well done guys, I only wish that I had heard of something like this sooner.

Steven Van Aperen
Managing Director
Australian Polygraph Services & SVA Training

As a new user of emailanywhere's mail product, I must confess to be totally "hooked" by the benefits it has brought to our business. As a very mobile business, the ability to have a single repository of email, calendar, contacts and other data that is accessible and fully functional no matter where we are or what computer is being used has given each of my staff improved efficiency as well as ensuring integrity of information across the group. This is a fully fledged corporate communications and collaborative facility for our small business at a fraction of the cost... and we can grow into it as our business expands.

Ron James
CEO – Resources Trading Hub (

My online coaching business relies heavily on my ability to have a reliable source of email contact with my clients. In the past, lost email data and delay in retrieving email data from faulty computers has caused me an enormous amount of grief.

Now that I have subscribed to emailanywhere I have peace of mind through knowing that my email data will always be there. If my computer crashes I can simply go online on another computer and all of my emails are there. I have been extremely impressed by the service provided by emailanywhere.

Pat Carroll