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Virtual Private ServerVirtual Private Server (VPS) allows you to have your own Zimbra mail server on our managed enterprise hardware without the hassle of a huge upfront cost.  

If you have 25-100 mailboxes and require your own secure server, our emailanywhere VPS solutions will suit your requirements. All VPS are fully managed with daily backup of your emails.


ZCS Starter Edition VPS Product; the perfect VPS solution.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite is now available in a Network Starter Edition package for $198 per month. You get 15 Professional licensed mailboxes with native synchronization to Outlook and the Apple desktop, back-up / restore and your very own virtual private server. 

Note : Additional mailbox licenses cannot be added; nor can Zimbra Archiving and Discovery

Yearly Zimbra License fee $550 plus optional SSL certificate $198

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open Source Edition VPS

ZCS Open Source is a free version with limitations over the Starter or Network edition such as no Outlook or Phone synchronisation, Multi-tenancy or re-banding. However its a great place to start, you still get all the benefits of Zimbra AJAX Email, Address Book, Calendar, Task, & Document app along with connection Zimbra Desktop for Windows, Mac and Linux connection.

ZCS Open Source VPS packages from $198 per month
Setup Fee : Nil
Optional SSL : $198 per year

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition VPS

Contact emailanywhere for a customised VPS solution tailored for you.

With all VPS solutions, emailanywhere can setup a secure VPN connection from your office to your hosted private server depending on your requirements and available hardware. This allows you to have extra security for internal access.