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How It Works : Zimbra Hosting

Hosted Exchange

emailanywhere, a Software as a Service (SaaS), is our Managed Hosted Exchange Solution for Professionals, SME and Enterprise

While email use has increased dramatically with the growth of the Internet, the underlying messaging systems most enterprises count on to keep pace were generally designed more than a decade ago. These older systems can be frail and challenging to run in today's frenetic climate.

emailanywhere is a revolutionary new way of accessing your email. Hosted Exchange allows you to access all your emails, contacts and calendars from any internet connection in the world.

emailanywhere provides state-of-the-art messaging and collaboration solutions (email, address book, calendaring, web documents, etc.) for businesses. Rather than host and maintain this application onsite, emailanywhere is a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. This means that Domain Host Pty Ltd, a premium hosting company located in a purpose built $20M data centre, maintains the servers and backup which frees time and money for businesses. emailanywhere does not require the customer to have a server in-house to work.

Implementing and managing an Exchange system in-house has been too expensive and out-of-reach for most small-medium businesses. emailanywhere allows small-medium businesses the freedom to pay as they grow.

Managed Exchange Hosting

How It Works

All emails are stored in a secure central location (In this case, a major secure data centre in Melbourne Australia). This allows access to all emails from anywhere in the world. When an email arrives in a mailbox, it is stored on the server and a copy is automatically delivered and "cached" on the client's computer, laptop and mobile. If the user replies or deletes an email, it will sync back to the server and either mark the message as replied or delete the message. The server will then update all other devices (webmail, mobile, laptop etc) with these changes.

A simple connector installed on the client PC/Mac is all that is required to sync. Most mobile phones (see Compatibility) already have the sync client built in.

As emailanywhere does not need a server to run, there is no need to alter any settings on your local server. Alternatively, a company does not need to outlay money for a server, paying only for the email boxes they use as they grow.